I learned about math

I’ve learned how to do division I thought it was a lot of numbers. the steps of  division is dose Mc’Donald’s sale chess brugers first you divied then you multiply then you –  then you check it then you bring it down that’s what I learned how to do division.

I’ve learned how to do angles I though angles was lines that you make shapes.We use a protractor with a lot of numbers.

I’ve learned how to do short multiplication. I thought it was numbers that you add.

I’ve learned how to round big numbers 1000 and 2000 I though it was numbers.

I’ve learned how to use a coulater to add some big hung numbers like 20004.That is what I learned this year.


Mexican Hat Wild Flower

The Mexican Hat scientific classification is Asteraceae. Its scientific name is Ratibida columnar.The   Mexican Hat lives  throughout  North  America. The  Mexican  Hat Blooming period is June-September. The height is 2-3 feet. The characteristic black, cone-shaped heads are surrounded by drooping, fire-red ray flowers with a splash or yellow accent. It looks like a Mexican hat  worn during Mexican fiestas.



Ive learned what multiplication is about first you wright a promblem down ten times ten when you see zeor times zeor it is zeor when you multiply you do not subtract or add because it would not be a reasinly  anwers and thats who I know how to muitply