Spooky Halloween

It was a dark and spooky night!We were celebrating Halloween by going on my first hay ride!Wolves Howled as we road through the woods fearful and the things we could not see.My family and I went to Marshall to go to my Uncle’s house on Halloween!when we arrived to my Uncle’s house he had some scary  decorations in his garage.He had some really really!scary Micheal Myers music and some cool red and green lights.My uncle told my cousins and I to go in the house.When we got in the house we were trying to peak in the window but we could not see anything in the window about five minutes my step dad told us to go out side and we did.we were going on a hay ride we went though the dark and spooky woods where my step dad and my uncle and my uncle friend  jumped on the traler and really scared us with their spooky masks.’Boo’ ‘Boo’!Be prepared for scary things.You never no what is learking in the woods.From now no I’ll know to expet the unexpected.



playing the super bowl

Last year me and my football team made it to the super bowl.It was the 4th quater we, and were on the ten yard line.There are four seconds on the clock we are tired and  really  want to the winning touchdown. We got one play left we drive the other team back and we get the inning touchdown. Everyone in the stands are going wild.I was so happy that i smiled so big that is bigger than the earth. when I won the super bowl.We played hard and won as a team.I followed my dreams and thats how I won the super bowl. I realized you have to follow your dreams to make them come true.


president poem

Andrew Johnson

 Andrew Johnson  born on December  29,1808 in North Carolina

He was Vic  President under Abraham Linkin

He was Millitary Government of  Tennessee

A Tennessee politian

He was the 17 President

He died July 31,1875 Elizabethton, Tennessee

Henry Hedson

Henry has looking for northwest passage in the Indians. Henry and his son and others were left put on a sail boat with on oars left put in the bay. Henry in the others in the boat were never from again. I think Henry  and the others and his son were killed in the sail boat.

I learned about math

I’ve learned how to do division I thought it was a lot of numbers. the steps of  division is dose Mc’Donald’s sale chess brugers first you divied then you multiply then you –  then you check it then you bring it down that’s what I learned how to do division.

I’ve learned how to do angles I though angles was lines that you make shapes.We use a protractor with a lot of numbers.

I’ve learned how to do short multiplication. I thought it was numbers that you add.

I’ve learned how to round big numbers 1000 and 2000 I though it was numbers.

I’ve learned how to use a coulater to add some big hung numbers like 20004.That is what I learned this year.