Spooky Halloween

It was a dark and spooky night!We were celebrating Halloween by going on my first hay ride!Wolves Howled as we road through the woods fearful and the things we could not see.My family and I went to Marshall to go to my Uncle’s house on Halloween!when we arrived to my Uncle’s house he had some scary ┬ádecorations in his garage.He had some really really!scary Micheal Myers music and some cool red and green lights.My uncle told my cousins and I to go in the house.When we got in the house we were trying to peak in the window but we could not see anything in the window about five minutes my step dad told us to go out side and we did.we were going on a hay ride we went though the dark and spooky woods where my step dad and my uncle and my uncle friend ┬ájumped on the traler and really scared us with their spooky masks.’Boo’ ‘Boo’!Be prepared for scary things.You never no what is learking in the woods.From now no I’ll know to expet the unexpected.



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